Acknowledgment of Rebate and continuing maintenance obligation

1. Owner is a voluntary participant in the 123 Project Program Landowner Cost Share Program for forest health (the “Program”) as administered by the Washington Department of Natural Resources, Washington Resource Conservation and Development Council (WRCD), and the Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition (CWSC).
The approximate treatment area for my land, as outlined in #1 below, is
The mitigation activities as outlined in #3 below are
Based on the table below, I estimate my cost share rate as
2. Upon Owner’s completion of all requirements under the Program to the satisfaction of CWSC, Owner will receive a rebate of 50%, 75%, 85% (circle one; see rebate rating tables below), not to exceed __________ total rebate for each Owner’s property enrolled in the Program. Each Owner’s Cost Share Percentage will be decided by their Cost Share Group as follows:

3. As a voluntary participant in the Program, Owner is required to maintain their forest’s health on Owner’s property, around Owner’s home and other structures on Owner’s property for a period of fifteen (15) years. Maintenance of forest health required under the Program is not unlike regular yard maintenance. Items included in the 15-year maintenance requirement include, but are not limited to:
  • New trees, shrubs, plants and other vegetation are not to be planted where they would undermine the forest health spaces created under the Program; Acknowledgment of Rebate and of Continuing Maintenance Obligation
  • Regular removal of dead vegetation including leaves, pine needles, twigs, sticks, limbs, etc., from the landscaping around the structures as well as on the structures (gutters, roofs, decks, etc.);
  • Regular maintenance of grass, both “lawn” and “natural vegetation,” so that it does not reach a height or density that would increase fire behavior;
  • Seasonal pruning of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation to ensure they do not grow into a condition that would increase fire behavior;
  • Regular irrigation of the landscape around Owner’s home to maintain healthy, green vegetation;
  • Proper disposal of landscape debris to a garbage or composting facility. Dead vegetation is not to be stored on the property; and
  • Wood piles, scrap lumber, and other such combustible materials are not to be stored within 30 feet of structures during summer months.
4. CWSC is committed to assisting homeowners with the 15-year maintenance requirement. CWSC is available for home inspections, defensible space inspections, and Acknowledgment of Rebate and of Continuing Maintenance Obligation information to assist Owner with Owner’s wildfire concerns and Owner’s commitments under the Program. 5.Owner agrees to ask CWSC representatives to inspect Owner’s property biannually to offer suggestions to ensure Owner’s compliance with Owner’s 15-year maintenance obligation.