Recommendations for using a contractor

  1. Know your property lines.
  2. If you have a written scope of work (from a cost-share program or forester), share that with each contractor you contact.
  3. Meet with several contractors prior to making a selection.

Questions to ask:

  • Cost?
  • What type of equipment do you use?
  • What can I expect my property to look like when you are finished? Ask if they have photos of recently completed work.
  • When will you begin work and when do you anticipate finishing?
  • Are there things I can do myself to keep the cost down?
  • How will you dispose of excess material (what will happen to the chips if you chip the wood)? Most cost share projects require the excess material (also known as slash) be either burned, chipped, masticated by equipment.
  • Are you insured? Bonded?
  • Do you have names of previous clients we can call or work sites we can visit?
  • When is your payment due?
  • Do you use written contracts?

Forester Information can be found on page 6 of Timber Management Plan Guidance

Additional information 

WA Integrated Forest Management Plan guidelines


Helpful and useful project planning resource for contractors and homeowners

If you have a potential project located in a local riparian zone, reading the chapter on page 64 regarding riparian management zones is also helpful during your project planning process.


Contractor List

Apex Mulching & Land Services

(509) 670-6188

Specializing in wildfire vegetative fuels reduction. Apex uses a Fecon masticator or mulcher head, mounted to a Kubota track loader. This machine is capable of mulching up to 10″-12″ wood. Also: field mowing, stump grinding, and mower for roadsides and hedging mower for overhanging tree branches.

Big Horn Tree Care

(509) 881-7721

We are professional ISA Certified Arborists out of Wenatchee and we can help you with all your tree pruning and removal needs. We also provide Consulting Arborist services to assist you in fire-wise planning, preparing fire damage insurance appraisals, or general assessment of your trees for health and safety. Please call for a free estimate.

Derby Canyon Natives

(509) 548-9404

We grow and sell native plants and seed from North Central Washington.  Located in Peshastin, we offer trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses grown from seed and cuttings collected in our region.

Firewise Living

(360) 961-3309

Small to large fuels reduction – on any grade slope

  • Dense brush clearing
  • Tree removal
  • Home hardening – including external sprinkler installation
  • Firewise assessments (NFPA 1144 or FireWise standards)
  • Chipping with chip removal
  • Small diameter logging
  • Firebreak design and construction
  • Uphill cup trench construction

Jim’s Alder Smelter Poles, Inc

(360) 391-7666 or (360) 941-1106

Following fuel reduction plans, our personnel would work to clear underbrush utilizing hand tools and a chipper. We would work to keep ditches clean and free of debris always keeping in mind the concerns of the property owner.

Metau Resilient Forests, Leavenworth

(509) 797-7975

Tree and brush thinning and pruning to enable fire resistance, wildlife habitat improvement and forest health and resilience. Debris removal by chipping and burning per local regulations.

Having grown up in Eastern Washington, I have a great appreciation for the sights, fragrances, and textures of its landscape, especially the ponderosa pine. I’m passionate about enabling healthy and resilient forests through thoughtful thinning and plant management that meets the customer’s goals.

With decades of experience pruning as well as experience thinning trees, firefighter type 2 certification and education in forestry and fire ecology, my purpose is to contribute to these great trees’ bounty in Eastern Washington and enabling the people living near them to be safer from wildfire.

Peaceful Retreat Yard Care and Landscaping LLC

(509) 669-5429

Provide services in consulting, design, renovation and maintenance. Certified arborist, pesticide applicator’s license and knowledgeable in all aspects of yard, shrub and tree care. 

Thin Air Logging & Tree Service

(509) 670-8139

A company specializing in all aspects of tree removal, logging and fuel reduction in Chelan County. In many cases we are able to give the best rates because we have the proper equipment to do the job efficiently & utilize parts of the tree that have value which other companies cannot & we can pass the savings onto the customer. We use specialized equipment in all applications. We are Licensed, Bonded & Insured and strive for customer satisfaction on every job no matter how large. Ask for referrals! 

Wildfire Home Protection LLC

(509) 630-5223

We are a forestry business that specializes in hazardous fuels and ladder fuels reduction, hazard tree removal, pile burning, pile building and prescribed fire, chipping and thinning. We like to educate our customers on how forest restoration can reduce the risks from wildfire, promote healthy forests, reduce the damage from disease, insects and pest. The treatments we provide make our forests more resilient and help preserve this valuable resource for future generations to come. No job is too big or small, we’ve got your fire preparedness needs covered!

Wildfire Solutions & Tree Service LLC

(509) 293-1478

We offer free consultations and 24 hour emergency assistance. We specialize in hazard assessments, tree removal, trimming/pruning, girding for snag habitat, stump grinding, fire rehabilitation, pile burning, forest thinning, land clearing, brush disposal, fire clean up, junk removal and more!