Create a Community and Landscape Prepared for Wildfire

We dream of healthy forests and a community that is ready for and adapted to wildfire.  

For over 12 years, the Chumstick Coalition has helped folks in the Leavenworth area reduce wildfire risk to their homes and lands by helping to navigate cost-share programs, working to get funds to provide free fuels reduction programs, and educating and inspiring our neighbors to make this work their “new normal”.

We are here to help you! With your donation, you help us help you and your neighbors be more fire resilient. We do all we can to make our magnificent landscape and our families safer, adapted, and better prepared. Let’s do this together. Please support us so we can continue to support you.

(All donations are handled through our fiscal sponsor, the Washington Resource Conservation and Development Council, our 501(c)(3) organization. Thank you for your understanding!)

Volunteer and help spread the word

The CWSC utilizes volunteers to provide outreach at events, assist with fundraising, and in spreading the word on our fuels reduction projects.  In 2019, the CWSC will be participating in spreading the word about how to be ‘FireWise’ at local events, reaching out to our community about upcoming projects in our area, and raising money to support our mission of creating a culture, community, and landscape adapted to fire.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • On the ground. Get dirty!
  • Tabling at local events
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Raising awareness in our community