Chumstick Corridor Evacuation Route Enhancement

Chumstick Corridor
Evacuation Route Enhancement

The Chumstick Highway serves as the primary north-south evacuation pathway for our community. It has been recognized that in the event of a wildfire, dense vegetation, and trees proximate to the highway could render it impassable.

We bring encouraging news: The Chumstick Wildfire Coalition, in collaboration with Fire District 3, has embarked on a fuel reduction initiative aimed at clearing specific high-risk areas along the evacuation route. This effort is crucial for ensuring safe ingress and egress during wildfire emergencies.

The Chumstick Watershed is categorized among the highest wildfire risk zones within the state. Moreover, Chumstick Highway frequently becomes the alternative route during closures of State Highway 2 or when Leavenworth experiences heavy traffic congestion.

As our fire crews diligently work on vegetation clearance this spring (2024), we welcome your supportive gestures when you pass by.

For Further Information, Please Reach Out:

– Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition

– Email: [email protected]

– Website:

– Chelan County Fire District 3

– Phone: (509) 548-7711

– Email: [email protected]

– Website:
Your engagement and support are invaluable to our collective safety and preparedness.


May 01 2024 - Jun 15 2024