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Wildfire Evacuation Preparedness is Key to Survival

With the long hot days of summer finally here, the chance of wildfires and emergency evacuations begin to increase.

Are you wildfire evacuation ready? Wildfire evacuation ready means that you and your family are prepared by creating and maintaining a defensible space around your home that is hardened against flying fire embers. Additionally, wildfire ready families are familiar with local news or emergency outlets and are signed up for emergency, evacuation and wildfire notices where available.  

What else makes you wildfire ready? An evacuation checklist does! Prepare an evacuation checklist for your family and pets and pack in advance. This will assist you in being ready when a wildfire or evacuation notice comes in. Your evacuation checklist should include a meeting place for your family and pets outside the fire or hazard area and include several escape routes from your home and community as well as a central point of contact for all relatives. Be ready by preparing an emergency supply kit for each person and keep at least one in each vehicle. Store a portable radio or scanner in your car to help you stay updated on the status of a fire.

Your evacuation checklist and emergency supply kits should include the “Six P Checklist” including 1) People and pets, 2) Papers, phone numbers, and important documents, 3) Prescriptions, vitamins and eyeglasses, 4) Pictures and irreplaceable memorabilia, 5) Personal computer hard drive and disks, 6) Plastic (credit cards, ATM cards and cash).

Additionally, secure your home, close and lock doors and windows and inform family and neighbors of your evacuation plan. Always keep a half tank of gas in your vehicle, have enough cash to pay one week’s expenses in case banks and ATMs are not accessible, leave early if possible, and follow recommended evacuation routes. Be alert for road hazards, such as flooding, washed-out roads and bridges and downed power lines. 

Sign up for emergency alert systems such as the Chelan County Emergency Alert System at This is a free service for the residents of Chelan County. Chelan County Fire District 3 also has a webpage located at and their Facebook page is

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