Why Is It Important?

For centuries, eastern Washington ponderosa pine forests were open and park-like.  Low intensity fires burned through the forests frequently, removed excess vegetation, cleared dead plant material, and returned nutrients to the soil.

Naturally occurring fires have been excluded from our forests for over 80 years.  Prescribed fire can be used as a management tool to reintroduce the benefits of fire into an ecosystem to reduce excessive amounts of fuels, encouraging growth of native vegetation, facilitate the germination of certain plants and trees, reduce disease and insects, re-habituate tree and plant species to the natural physiology, and reduce the severity and intensity of catastrophic fires.

CWSC Prescribed Fire Programs

CWSC supports local prescribed fire efforts by providing education and outreach materials.  CWSC also collaborates with landowners, government agencies, and business entities to coordinate local prescribed fire activities.

For more information:

Washington Prescribed Fire Council

North Central Washington Prescribed Fire Council


DOE Ambient Air Monitoring website. This site can display near-real time information on air quality around the state, along with other helpful information

Washington Department of Ecology Outdoor Burning Program